Aerodynamic Tunnels

As one of a handful of producers in the world, we focus on development, production and installation of vertical wind tunnels for purposes of entertainment and a sport called bodyflying. Within the division, we also engage in the production of horizontal wind tunnels for research and development purposes. Our vertical wind tunnel technology, which we supply as a free fall simulator, is amongst the best and highest-quality in the world.

The product range of vertical wind tunnels includes several design types (one channel, two channel and multi-channel), with various flying chamber diameters. These range from small tunnels (2.8 to 3.6 m), through standard-sized tunnels (4,3 m) to the currently largest diameter tunnels on the market to date (5.2 m).

Our main competitive advantage lies in our ability to secure a complete range of services in the field of wind tunnels. From project design and production, to the installation and set-up. Engineers from the Development and Construction department are here for you to discuss individual requirements or possible limitations and to propose a so-called „custom“ wind tunnel.

Also, a significant competitive advantage is energy-efficient cooling system, which in all flying chambers our wind tunnels provide thermal comfort.